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Custom tailored suits

Get your custom tailored suit with a perfect fit from Mond. Each custom tailored suit is made from scratch to your unique measurements and preferences, which means the fabric and design are entirely your choice. Whether you want a custom tailored suit for formal occasions or for work, Mond will make you a suit that fits you perfectly and that you can help to design. We want you to have the best possible experience when buying our products, which is why we give you complete freedom in the design of your new suit, allowing you to choose the fabric, colour and style. At Mond, you can easily order a new custom tailored suit online, but we also encourage you to visit one of our shops to discover the world of custom tailoring!

The tailoring revolution – custom tailored suits using the latest technology

Mond is all about the tailoring revolution! We have developed a unique ‘SmartFit’(R) Algorithm based on our work with 3D scans over the last 10 years, which means you get a custom tailored suit that fits like a dream. We bring a technological approach to a traditional trade, and we have set out to revolutionise custom tailored suits to offer our customers the best buying experience. Our 3D body scanners have generated a lot of data over the past 10 years, so everything can be done through our website and you can easily order a custom tailored suit online. Simply complete a series of questions via our ‘SmartFit’ guide on our website, and let the technology take care of the rest. Of course, you can also be measured in one of our shops if you prefer. Once our system has all the necessary data, simply order your next custom tailored suit online.

How it works

Book an appointment online – it’s free

The first part of the process is to get your measurements so that you can have a custom tailored suit that fits you perfectly. Book a free appointment online – simply book a time slot that suits you.

Measurements – 3D body scan

Our innovative 3D body scanners give the most accurate measurements on the market, so your new custom tailored suit will fit perfectly.

Design your custom tailored suit

Once you’ve been measured, the fun can really begin as you choose the material, colour and design of your new suit. The design is entirely up to you – the sky’s the limit! Measuring and designing your custom tailored suit will take approximately 30–60 minutes in total.

Production begins

As soon as you’ve decided on the look of your custom tailored suit, production can start. Production takes place in Europe, more specifically in Portugal, and takes around 6 weeks. However, we always recommend that you order well in advance if you need your clothes for a specific date – preferably 9 weeks in advance.

Receive your new custom tailored suit

A custom tailored suit in an exquisite quality that fits you perfectly is waiting for you. As soon as it’s finished, you will be notified that it has arrived and is ready to try on in the shop. Any alterations required are, of course,
included in the price.

Re-order online

Once you have bought a custom tailored suit in our shop, we offer an online consultation so you can easily order your next suit online.

Custom tailored suits without excess production

Because we customise your suit to your measurements and preferences, we eliminate all excess production. We believe it is more sustainable and environmentally friendly to have suits custom tailored and made only once they’ve been ordered. When you order a custom tailored suit, it will be made by skilled specialists in Portugal and you can expect to receive it in 6 weeks. Our clear vision is to turn the niche into the norm: to stop mass-producing clothes and focus instead on making custom tailoring the new standard in the clothing industry. We believe that made-to-measure tailored suits produced only when ordered and produced in Europe to minimise the transport distance will result in a better product and a cleaner planet. High quality and a longer lifespan go hand in hand, so when you order your new custom tailored suit from us, you’re making a lifelong investment in your wardrobe.