Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following sales and delivery conditions apply to all deliveries from Mond of Copenhagen (hereafter mentioned as Mond).
The following terms apply, unless other written agreements have been entered into between you as a customer and Mond, and deviations from these terms must be agreed separately to be valid. The customer is at all times obliged in every respect to comply with these terms.


1. Disclaimer

Mond reserves the right to change prices for products displayed at any time, and to correct errors that may inadvertently occur.

Also, be aware that it may be difficult to reproduce colors 100% correctly on images.
Mond cannot be held responsible for delays with freight companies and other 3rd party companies.


2. Payment for goods

All prices on our website include VAT unless otherwise stated.

Mond is entitled to change the price rates on a running basis.

We accept the following forms of payment: Major credit cards and the option of bank transfer (see more under section 2.2).

In our physical stores, we also accept cash payments partially, or in full.


2.1. Credit card payments

The products are paid for with a credit card upon ordering. The card information is transferred to Mond via a secure connection (SSL). The information is approved by the bank and forwarded to Mond, which transfers the amount when sending the item. When purchasing tailor-made items, Mond deducts the amount at the beginning of the order. See more about payment security at www.betaling.dk, which is PBS’s guide page.

2.2. Bank transfer

If you choose to pay via bank transfer, the money can be transferred via home banking or by transferring the money to the bank. The customer is obliged to inform Mond by phone or mail, once the payment has been made as the order will then require manual attention.
Once the payment has been received, and the terms of the transaction have been agreed, production will be initiated and the order will thus be confirmed.

When paying by bank transfer or giro payment, you should expect the delivery time for tailor-made products to be extended by up to one week.

All amounts must be transferred to the respective bank accounts in Sydbank, depending on your chosen currency:
DKK: 8075 – 1617574
EUR: 8075 – 9436167
NOK: 8075 – 9436159


3. Delivery

Ordered goods can either be picked up at Mond’s stores, or shipped to home or business addresses. This option is chosen during checkout.

If delivery is required to the door, please see under “Shipping surcharge”. We deliver to all EU countries as well as select non-EU countries. See shipping options for your country during checkout. Note that shipping rates may apply.

Please note that the buyer is responsible for any customs/taxes of the shipment if this is applied in the country of delivery. The delivery time for our tailor-made products is approx. 6 weeks from the time of ordering, unless otherwise stated on the customer’s receipt.

Mond reserves the right to rectify or alternate any defects in tailor-made products.
Which in the worst case can extend the delivery time by another 4-6 weeks.

Mond reserves the right to make changes to all product specifications without notice if this can be done without significant inconvenience to the Customer. Drawings, specifications and the like, which have been handed over by Mond before or after the agreement has been made, remain the property of Mond and may not be passed on without the written consent of Mond.


3.1. Storage of ordered products

Mond will store your ordered products for a maximum of 6 months from the initial message stating the order is ready to be picked up. If the pick-up date exceeds 6 months, Mond reserves the right to charge a monthly fee of 5% of the value of the item for each commenced month as the item exceeds the last pick-up date.


4. Shipping surcharge

When purchasing suits, shirts or accessories, freight surcharges will be charged according to current rates stated on our website during checkout.

We use Postnord and DHL as freight partners at home and abroad.

Shipments to countries other than Germany are generally sent via DHL Express.


5. Right of withdrawal

In accordance with the Act on Consumer Protection in distance selling and home sales agreements, the consumer has, as a general rule, a right of withdrawal, cf. (§ 13). According to (§ 14, 3 p.), However, the main rule does not apply to goods which are specially produced and which due to their nature cannot be returned. The exception to the main rule applies to the purchase of Mond’s tailor-made suits, shirts and other specially produced products.

As regards to other products (such as ties, cufflinks, etc.), the main rule applies and the consumer has the right to cancel his agreement by notifying Mond, and return the item within 14 days of receipt. The right of withdrawal with regard to non-specially produced products is exercised by Mond of Copenhagen. It is in any case a requirement for crediting returned goods that these are new, in undamaged condition and in original unbroken packaging.

Notwithstanding the above, however, there is a full right of exchange if: The color, pattern or cut does not match the receipt or other written agreement.

When buying tailor-made products, some after-sale adjustments to the individual product should be expected. This cannot, by its nature, be seen as a right of withdrawal.

If you regret your purchase of an E-gift card, Mond will charge a handling fee of € 30 for cancellation and return of the money to the customer’s account.


6. Guarantees

6.1 Fitting Guarantee

Mond offers a Fitting guarantee which is valid for up to 100 days after the date of receiving the order(s) in store. You must expect one week extra delivery time if adjustments need to be made.

6.2 Lifetime guarantees

Mond offers a lifetime guarantee on all seams and buttons.

Should you experience a broken button or seam on your Mond products, we offer to repair this for the entire lifespan of the product at no extra cost.

Please note that some buttons or threads may be excluded from our offering, and therefore it is not always possible to guarantee that an identical button or stitching can be found.

Mond cannot offer guarantees on normal wear and tear of the products. Please see section 8 for more info.


7. Right of complaint

Mond provides a 2-year right of complaint in accordance with the German Sale of Goods Act, covering manufacturing and material defects that are found during normal use of the product.

The right of complaint does not cover defects, damage or wear and tear, directly or indirectly caused as a result of incorrect operation, poor maintenance, violence or unauthorized interventions.

Complaints about defects and deficiencies, which should be discovered during the usual examination of the product, must be notified to Mond within reasonable time.

The item can subsequently be returned for repair, replacement or by agreement if necessary, crediting.


8. Wear of fabric

The customer agrees that suits and shirts purchased from Mond are most often sewn in the finest fabric qualities in the world, and this quality does not necessarily mean long durability or extra durability. Most often, finer quality is more delicate and should therefore only be used for special events. Mond recommends that you have a fair rotation of products that you can change and rotate between if your work requires daily use of suits, jackets or trousers. Wear and tear of fabric on exposed areas such as knees, crotch, and elbows must be expected when working and Mond can not be held responsible for this type of wear and tear.


9. Personal data

Mond is responsible for the processing of personal data that the customer provides to the Company. The customer’s personal data is processed by Mond in order to manage the relationship between us and the customer.

Neither personal information nor email addresses will be disclosed to third parties.

The personal information that the customer enters during a purchase is used exclusively for order processing, and is not passed on to others.

In addition to the personal information, the IP address is also logged, as well as any link. This information is used exclusively for statistics and in cases of abuse / fraud.

All measurement profiles and 3D scans are the property of Mond and cannot be handed over for other use. According to Article 15 (1) of the Data Protection Regulation 4 cf. The Data Protection Act § 22 para. 1, these are referred to as a technical trade secret.

All personal information is stored for 10 years, to facilitate a renewed purchase and for the sake of investigation of any fraud.


10. In case of incorrect order

At the exact moment the customer has paid for his order, a purchase agreement has been made between Mond and the customer. This agreement is binding and cannot be changed.

If there is a need for changes upon ordering, such as a change of fabric, inner lining or other design features, you must contact Mond via support@mond.com immediately and Mond will try to meet the request for changes.

As the production of the tailor-made goods begins immediately after the order is sent to Mond, the request for a change is therefore not always possible.

If the customer can’t show a written confirmation that Mond has accepted the change, the original purchase agreement will always be valid.


11. Documentation and instructions

If there are product descriptions and user instructions for the item, these are included with the delivery from Mond.

If further information or advice is required from Mond, this is of an indicative nature.


12. Risk of goods

The risk of goods purchased from Mond passes to the customer as a consumer the second the goods are delivered to the customer.


13. Violation of contract

The customer can cancel the purchase if there is a significant violation of contract. For cancellation due to deficiencies, it is a condition that the deficiencies have not been remedied within a reasonable time. If defects have not been remedied within a reasonable time, it is also a condition for cancellation that the customer submits a final request with a deadline for remedy of 10 working days. If the problem is resolved before the deadline expires, the violation is annulled. Compensation cannot be demanded in connection with the violation – from which it appears that the Customer will cancel the purchase if remediation has not been completed before the deadline.

It is considered a violation of contract if a party goes bankrupt (unless the bankruptcy estate does not indicate on the basis of a written request without undue delay, that the estate enters into the Benefit), if a party enters into suspension of payments or opens negotiations on composition, or if significant action occurs otherwise deteriorating economic conditions, which jeopardize the proper performance of the Service.

The provision to issue a claim with 10 working days to rectify also applies if a party wishes to apply a default effect other than cancellation of the purchase, as the default effect lapses if the defaulting party corrects itself before the said 10-working day deadline.

When remedying deficiencies, the aim is for the deficiencies to be remedied from Mond’s address, so that remediation can take place via electronic remote connection. If remediation is to take place at the customer’s address, this is done at no cost to the customer.


14. Disclaimer

The customer agrees that Mond is not liable to the customer for losses incurred, insofar as the liability is due to matters beyond Mond’s control and which Mond could not reasonably have foreseen, at the time of purchase.

Mond is not liable for indirect losses or consequential damages such as operating losses, profit losses, loss of data or costs in connection with its restoration, loss of goodwill and the like.

Mond’s liability is in all cases limited to 25% of the price for the order in question, which the Customer has paid. Regardless of the size of the Customer’s payment, the total liability is, however, maximized in amount to € 700. No responsibility for data security is assumed during transmission via the Internet.

Notwithstanding the provisions just mentioned, the right to compensation for any documented loss does not lapse. The purchase is subject to German law, and the contract language is German.

Any disputes are dealt with in accordance with the general applicable jurisdiction provisions in German law.


15. Force majeure

Neither Mond nor the customer shall, under this contract, be held liable to another party in respect of matters beyond the control of the party, which the party should not have taken into account at the conclusion of the purchase and not should have avoided or overcome, or for losses arising from exceptional circumstances which prevent, impede or increase the cost of performance of the contract, if these occur after the offer is made and are outside the control of Mond, including: Labor disputes (strikes and lockouts ), wildfires, war, insurgency, internal unrest, weather and natural disasters, currency restrictions, public seizure, import or export bans, disruption of public transport, including energy supply, significant price and / or tax increases, currency fluctuations, production and delivery difficulties, due to circumstances that can not be blamed Mond as well as occurrence of force majeure and / or hard ship with relevant subcontractors.

Conditions with a subcontractor are only considered force majeure if there is an obstacle from the subcontractor that is covered by the first sentence and which Mond should not have avoided or overcome.

Force majeure in the event of a delay, may only be enforced for a maximum of the number of working days that the force majeure situation lasts.

If a deadline for Mond is postponed due to force majeure, the payments associated with it will be postponed accordingly.

Force majeure can only be invoked if the party in question has given written notice to the other party within 10 working days after the force majeure situation has occurred.

The party who is not affected by the force majeure situation is entitled to cancel the purchase if the takeover day is exceeded by 60 working days as a result of force majeure.

In the event of such cancellation, both parties shall return as soon as possible what they have received from the other party, and thereafter no further claims exist between the parties.


16. Product Liability

Mond is liable for product liability and / or Mond is liable in accordance with the provisions of Danish law on product liability.

The Customer must immediately notify Mond if a third party asserts product liability to the Customer.

To the extent that nothing else follows from mandatory rules, Mond is not liable for operating losses, profit losses or other indirect losses.

If Mond is sued by a third party in connection with product liability, the Customer agrees to be sued during the case or sued in the court or arbitral tribunal that hears the case.


17. Entry into force, repeal and termination.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the purchase takes effect upon delivery of the order confirmation and runs until the purchase has been delivered, or until the person entitled is terminated.


18. General provisions

Mond is entitled to include the customer on publicly available reference lists, if the Customer specifically gives permission to do so.

Mond is entitled to continuously and without notice update and change these terms and conditions.