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The tailoring revolution

At Mond, we believe that custom tailoring is the future of classic menswear. Clothing should be made to fit the person wearing it, rather than the person trying to fit into pre-made sizes. This approach recognizes that every individual has a unique body shape and size, and garments should be tailored accordingly to ensure the best fit and comfort.

Each piece we create is uniquely crafted from the best materials and made from scratch according to the customer’s measurements and preferences, ensuring a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort. Our aim is to make custom tailoring the industry standard, shifting the focus from the mass production of ill-fitting standardized garments to mass customization production.

The benefit of this approach is that it provides customers with a personalized experience and a conscious choice, as clothes are not produced in excess quantities or in sizes that are unlikely to sell, thereby reducing waste. Join us and 25,000 satisfied customers and experience the difference that custom-made clothing can make.

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From Niche to Norm

This is our vision.

Based on a profound value-for-money proposition, we aim to take the custom tailoring business from niche to norm. Our goal is to make custom tailoring the industry standard by shifting the focus from the mass production of ill-fitting standardized garments to a mass customization production model, similar to the shift seen in the automobile industry.

We strive every day to refine our products, our customer journey, and to reduce lead times to make custom tailoring a no-brainer for your next wardrobe investment.

Handmade in Portugal

All our clothes are carefully sewn in a Family Owned Business with more 60 years of experience, located in the beautiful mountain landscape.

Overproduction Zero waste

Made-to-measure means eliminating the vast amount of waste that typically results from overstocking odd sizes and colours in ready-to-wear fashion.

Founded in 2011

Mond of Copenhagen was founded in 2011 by two brothers, Michael and Martin Birch Jacobsen, with a vision to shift the fashion industry from mass-produced clothing to custom garments made from scratch for each individual customer.

Through innovative technology, lean production methods, and industry-leading service, Mond quickly became the largest custom brand in Denmark. With four stores in Denmark, Norway, and Germany, as well as a growing team of custom clothiers, Mond is dedicated to providing a unique customer experience that puts the customer front and center throughout the entire process.