TwistAir™ – The Breathable Suit

Our most comprehensive fabric collection to date

Woven in the UK exclusively for Mond, the TwistAir™ is designed to be the ultimate fabric that checks all the boxes for every wearer – from the busy professional at the office to the groom seeking a sharp and comfortable look on their wedding day.

The Ultimate Suiting Fabric

We embarked on a journey to engineer the ultimate suiting fabric, one that encompasses the most sought-after attributes requested by our clients: durability, wrinkle resilience, breathability, and comfort.

Our TwistAir™ fabrics embody all these requisites and more. Crafted from 100% wool, they are exclusively woven for Mond in the UK by an internationally renowned fabric manufacturer.

Weighing in at 300g, the TwistAir™ fabrics fall into the category of mid-weight textiles. This optimal weight offers a versatile year-round wearing experience, making it well-suited for a variety of climates.

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Key features

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    The TwistAir™ fabric features an open weave that facilitates excellent breathability for unmatched comfort. When it comes to breathability, simply holding the material up to the light reveals its tiny gaps, that allow the air to pass through, while discreetly concealing undergarments.

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    Crease Resistant

    By employing high twist yarns, we’ve created the TwistAir™ to excel in crease resistance as well as maintaining a sharp appearance, even through constant wear. To balance this crease resistant feature with comfort, a special treatment was introduced, yielding a soft finish that provides a luxurious wearing experience.

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    Natural stretch

    Our TwistAir™ fabrics are all about comfort. Thats why we applied a special finish that, together with the open weave structure, allows the fabric to have a slight stretch. This is obtained without adding any inferior fibres into the fabric, so it’s still a 100% wool fabric. This results in a suit that adapts perfectly with the dynamic lifestyles of busy gentlemen.

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    The core ingredient of our TwistAir™ fabrics is the high twist yarns. Using a high twist level, we make the fibers bond tightly and thereby increases the strength of the yarn. This results in a fabric that is strong and durable, and less likely to break or fray during everyday use. With a weight of 300grm, this fabric also drapes exceptionally well giving the wearer the best of durability and looks.

A Curated Selection of Colors

With more than 12 years of industry experience and the privilege of having designed more than 60.000 tailored garments, we’ve meticulously curated a selection of 12 colors that have consistently stood out as favorites among our clientele as well as some new trending ones.

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