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Our Black TwistAir Suit is the perfect suit for a groom, the black fabric has a matt sheen and is one of our most wearable suit - meaning that is durable and breathable. The cloth is pure wool in our rich black TwistAir which we’ve also used for one of our smokings. We’ve chosen to present the suit in our Business-Preset here as it is our most minimalist preset, to really let the cloth speak for itself. If you as a groom want to make the suit more detailed or outstanding, you could add roped shoulders and peaked lapels.
Wool is the gold standard for suit fabrics and this one is special as it is part of Mond's very own TwistAir collection. The fabric is woven with a special high twist that creates a thin and strong fabric with excellent drape. In addition, the TwistAir fabric is treated with a special finish that gives it a soft touch. As well as being beautiful and exclusive, this fabric is also very comfortable and forgiving; the strong and durable yarn allows for a slightly looser weave that is breathable, has natural stretch and is very crease resistant. The cloth itself weighs in at 300 g/m2 and is made from 100% wool.
Styling the black twist air as a groom is a true pleasure, the rich dark colour becomes a beautiful canvas for whatever details and accessories you’d like to incorporate. But basics first; a white shirt that matches the brides dress colour, a pair of black (not brown shoes) and that’s it. The black suit allows for any colour of tie, though we recommend unicoloured for a wedding. Normally we recommend that the groom goes for a more subtle colour for the tie, however since black is quite saturated, another strong color like a burgundy or bottle green. For a cool touch you can add in a boutonnière as well as cufflinks, more accessories will only contrast the fabric and enhance the appearance of the suit. A pocket square is almost a must for a suit in such a dark hue as it breaks up the dark colour and makes it appear even stronger.
Huddersfield is a textile mill from the town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England. The town itself has grown around the textile industries since the Industrial Revolution. What makes Huddersfield unique is their extremely soft water in which the raw wool is washed, before it is woven into luxurious and unique suiting fabrics. To learn more about their production and dedication towards sustainable production please visit their website.

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