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Custom tailored trousers

At Mond, all products are customised and made from scratch according to your unique measurements. With cutting-edge technology and some of the best measuring tools on the market, we make sure your new pair of custom tailored trousers have the perfect fit, just how you want them. We make custom tailored trousers for work, leisure and special occasions such as weddings. With our expertise in custom tailoring, you’re guaranteed a pair of made-to-measure trousers of the highest quality and that – most importantly – are only produced when you order them. Explore our best-selling custom tailored trousers for both work and leisure here. If you’re looking for something specific, remember that we offer a wide selection of 11,000+ fabrics in our shops.

Made-to-measure trousers using 3D body scanners

We are leading the tailoring revolution and our mission is to develop and revolutionise the traditional tailoring profession. So when you order a pair of custom tailored trousers, you will be measured using our 3D body scanners. Our scanners have been generating data from custom algorithms for more than 10 years, which led us to develop a unique ‘SmartFit’(R) Algorithm that gives you a pair of custom tailored trousers with the best fit on the market. Booking an appointment is easy – then we simply measure you following all the rules of the profession, and start making your custom tailored trousers.

How it works

Book an appointment online – it’s free

Choose a time slot of your choice and book a measurement appointment. It’s completely free.

3D body scanning

We use an advanced 3D body scanner to take your unique measurements in our shop. And then the fun begins! If you want, you can design your customised trousers yourself – you are of course also welcome to choose a pair similar to any you see in our shop. The full measurement + design process for your custom tailored trousers will take about 30–60 minutes.

Your trousers are made to measure

After your measurements have been taken, your new custom tailored trousers will be sent to production. Your trousers will be made to measure by specialists at a family-run sewing workshop in Portugal. This takes about 6 weeks.

Schedule your pick-up and try them on

Once your custom tailored trousers are finished and ready at the sewing workshop in Portugal, they will be sent to the same shop where you were measured. You can then try on the trousers to make sure they fit. Any alterations required are, of course, included in the price.

Simply re-order online

Once you have ordered a pair of made-to-measure trousers, you can easily order new ones online. Your measurement profile is automatically saved in our system.

Choose custom tailored trousers and avoid excess production

When you choose to invest in custom tailored trousers, you are also joining the fight against excess production. Unfortunately, the clothing and fashion industry is currently contributing to CO2 emissions. At Mond, we want to do something about this. Our clear vision is to turn the niche into the norm: to lead the fight against excess production and to champion custom tailoring as the new standard in the clothing and fashion industry. We believe that high quality and long-lasting products that are only produced when ordered are part of the way forward. When you choose custom tailoring and order made-to-measure trousers, you are helping to set the new standard.