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What is a custom suit?

A custom suit is a tailored garment made to individual specifications, taking into account the wearer’s unique measurements, style preferences, and design choices.
This personalized approach ensures a precise fit and a garment that reflects the wearer’s taste and requirements. A custom suit is also often referred to as a made-to-measure suit.

How much does a custom suit cost?

Our prices for a custom suit ranges from 639€ to around 2.000 € depending on choice of fabric and construction.
All prices on our website for custom suits includes your design, measurements to be taken(online or in-store) as well as our 100 days fitting guarantee, so the prices on our website includes the full custom experience.
All our suits come with half canvas construction, soft shoulders, premium fabrics and handmade details, sewn in EU. You can upgrade to full canvas, go unconstructed or choose a roped shoulder if you prefer.
It’s custom, so the choice is yours.

Which colour suit is the most popular?

When it comes to suit colors, you will have the classics as well as the more seasonal trends.
The Classics suits that have stood the test of time, would be the navyblue suit, the black suit, the dark grey suit and the medium grey suit. These are considered stable.
Then for the seasonal, lately we are seeing a lot of demand on our green suits as well as the muted brown suits and sand colored suits.
But in the end, you need to find a color that fits you and your skin complexion. Our expert clothiers are ready to help you out in-store or through the chat with any questions you might have.

What is the difference between off-the-rack and made to measure suits?

The difference between off-the-rack and made to measure, or custom tailoring, lies in the way the suit is produced.
Off-the-rack suits are pre-made in standard sizes and offers no personalization as the product is already made. Made to measure on the other hand, is a process where each suit is made one at a time, cut to a customers specific measurements and allows the customers to design almost all parts of the suit.
The result of made to measure, if done right, is a suit that fits better and provides a more unique end product with customers choice of fabric, lining, personal embroidered monogram and much more.
At Mond, all of our suits are done the right way, featuring Italian and UK fabrics in natural materials, premium half- or full canvas construction and an advanced 3D fitting system to allow us to shape the suit exactly to the customers body for optimal results.