Bow Ties

Our selection of high-quality bow ties. They are all handmade for Mond of Copenhagen by a renowned I
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talian manufacturer, and we offer bow ties in 100% silk or cotton. In-store selection may vary from the collection shown here.

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What accessories should I use for my wedding?

A wedding is an occasion when you want to look your best, which means you can be a little more extravagant with your accessories. Of course, you want a balanced look, so think about coherence rather than single, visually overwhelming accessories. A good place to start is with a good quality plain silk tie; for texture and colour, add a patterned pocketsquare. Belt and shoes should be of the same colour to give well composed look. For example, light brown shoes with a dark belt would look clashing.

When should or would I use a tie?

A tie is useful when you want to appear composed and reliable. Depending on the style of your tie, you’ll either appear more festive or more serious. The two most common settings for wearing a tie are work and formal parties. This is where the style of the tie becomes important! A subtle and elegant tie will make you look more competent in a professional setting. On the other hand, a charming and light tie shows that you’ve put some effort into your attire, and thus shows respect for the host or guests at a party.

Braces or belt?

The choice between using braces, or suspenders as they are also called, and belt, is really a question of comfort and style. There is only one strict rule and that is to never use a belt and suspenders at the same time. Both are designed to hold your trousers up, so using them together is like wearing two shoes on the same foot – one will do the job! A belt is a slightly sleeker choice for holding up your trousers, and you can match it with your shoes for a cohesive look. Braces, on the other hand, are both a visual treat and a practical garment, as well as being the most comfortable option for holding up your trousers. If you want the comfort of braces and the sleekness of a belt, we recommend side adjuster, a design feature, that can be chose for any of you trousers. 

What accessories should I wear to work?

Good workwear is characterised by a clean look and minimal details. But don’t confuse minimal detail with no detail, it means that accessories should be few and well thought out. A fail-safe approach is a tie with a small geometric pattern, such as a Macclesfield, and matching leather shoes and belt, and that’s it. That way you’ve made a real effort to look your best without being flashy or eccentric. Now, this is certainly not the only way to accessorise properly, the aim of accessorising is to complete your outfit and accentuate your character. So whether you choose a pocketsquare, suspenders or perhaps some form of jewellery depends on which side of your character you’d like to express at work.