3D bodyscanning

The revolutionary bodyscanning technology.

The seamless scan

400 measurements in 30 seconds

At Mond of Copenhagen, we pride ourselves on our use of cutting-edge 3D body scanning technology to create custom tailored suits and shirts that are truly unique. This technology allows us to stand out from other businesses in the industry and offer a level of precision and customization that is unmatched.

With our 3D scanner, we are able to capture a detailed and accurate map of your body shape and posture in just 30 seconds. This process involves taking over 400 different measurements, which are then used to create a digital model of your body. This model serves as the foundation for crafting a custom-fit suit or shirt that perfectly conforms to your unique body shape.

By combining 3D body scanning technology with the traditional measuring tape method and taking note of our customers’ preferences for fit, we are able to achieve a high level of precision and accuracy.

This means that our clients can expect a tailored suit or shirt that fits them like a glove and is designed to enhance their individual features and style. At Mond of Copenhagen, we believe that the use of 3D body scanning technology represents a true revolution in the world of tailoring, and we’re excited to share its benefits with our clients.

mond of copenhagen 3d body scanner

Uncomparable precision

Our 3D scanner is able to map your body shape with a precision that even the most experienced tailor can not imitate.

The result

3D equals a perfect fit

A 3D scan provides a comprehensive record of a customer’s body measurements and posture, which we can share with our pattern makers. This allows them to create a one-of-a-kind pattern that incorporates all the relevant information.

The outcome of this process is a custom tailored suit of exceptional quality, crafted with the finest materials and designed to fit perfectly. We call this “The Tailoring Revolution”

Coming soon

The Optifit Project™

We have scanned more than 10.000 customers with all kinds of bodytypes. The Optifit Project is an algorithm that is created to predict the perfect fit for you, based on all 3D scans ever made in our shops. You answer a couple of questions, we provide you with the perfect fit – no bodyscan needed.