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Welcome to the world of custom tailoring, where everyt
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hing you find is customised. Find your next overcoat here and enjoy our high quality and world-class service. All of Mond’s products are custom tailored, and that includes our overcoats. When you order a custom-tailored overcoat, it will be made to your unique measurements, giving you the best fit on the market. Browse our wide range of overcoats here on our website, or visit one of our shops and check out our vast selection of 11,000+ fabrics. Do let us know if you have any special requests for your new overcoat – we can help with most things.
Overcoats made to your unique measurements using smart technology
Our vision is to turn the niche into the norm, and we strive to develop and revolutionise the traditional tailoring profession every single day. We use smart technology such as 3D body scanners and we have developed a unique ‘SmartFit’(R) Algorithm based on our work with 3D scans over the last 10 years. This means you can enjoy a top quality overcoat with a perfect fit. The first time you buy one of our products, you’ll have to come into one of our shops to be measured, but after that, our technology will take care of the rest and you can simply order your next overcoat online. You can also design your own custom tailored overcoat on our website – simply choose the materials, colours and design you want your overcoat to have.
Design now
How it works
Book a free appointment online
Booking an appointment to have your measurements taken is free and easy online. Simply book a time slot that suits you.
Measuring your overcoat with 3D body scanning
Once in our shop, you will be measured using our innovative 3D body scanner, which ensures that your measurements are taken correctly. And once you’ve been measured, that’s when the fun starts! Now you can design your new overcoat yourself, choosing the material, colour, etc. However, if you’ve got your eye on one of the many overcoats in our shop, simply ask to have a similar one made for you. Taking your measurements and designing your overcoat will take about 30–60 minutes.
Your overcoat is sewn
After your measurements are taken, your overcoat will be sent to production. Your custom tailored overcoat will be made by skilled specialists at a family-run sewing workshop in Portugal. Production takes about 6 weeks.
Schedule your pick-up and try it on
Once your new overcoat is finished and ready at the sewing workshop in Portugal, it will be sent to the shop where you were measured. Try on your overcoat to make sure it fits exactly as it should. Any alterations are, of course, included in the price.
Order a new custom tailored overcoat online at the click of a button
If you have already been measured and have ordered an overcoat in one of our shops, simply order your next custom tailored overcoat online – our system automatically saves your measurement profile.
Find a matching overcoat for your suit
Our stylish overcoats are designed to match all Mond suits – and most other suits. An overcoat completes your look, keeping a common thread from coat to suit. Our overcoats come in many different designs, materials and colours, so you’re guaranteed to find an overcoat that matches your suit. Need a suit? Check out our large selection here.
Save the planet’s resources with a high-quality overcoat
We believe that custom tailoring is the way forward at a time when we need to take better care of the planet. At Mond, we will only start making your custom tailored overcoat – and all other products – once you have ordered it. This ensures that we avoid excess production in an otherwise environmentally damaging clothing and fashion industry. Choosing a high-quality product with a perfect fit means you have an overcoat that will last for many years to come. Let’s set the new standard in the clothing and fashion industry together – we look forward to welcoming you on our custom tailoring adventure when you order your customised overcoat!

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Custom Outerwear

The Tailoring Revolution is all about making tailored clothing the new norm, so to expand your tailoring options we’ve added our latest collection of outerwear in technical fabrics. To keep you comfortable and well dressed during the colder seasons.

With advanced 3D bodyscanning technology and our proprietary algorithm SmartFit, we ensure an impeccable fit that seamlessly complements your body’s physique.


Our functional fabrics collection

The technical fabrics are from the Olmtex factory in Como, Italy. The fabrics we use here are all cotton weaves that have undergone a special finish to make them water repellent. The result is a stylish, lightweight coat that insulates well against the seasons.

To make the most of the Olmtex fabrics, we’ve designed trench coats, car coats and field jackets, all available in beige, black, navy and moss-green for the field jacket. The trench coats have the most detail with their extra layer on the shoulders, belt and 6 on 2 double breasted front. The car coats have the simplest design with no external details and concealed buttons. For those who want something less voluminous than a coat, we’ve got the Field Jacket, a compact and practical jacket that’s as functional as it is sharp.

The Body warmer – a vest like no other

The vest has really taken off in popularity over the last few years, which is understandable as it is the perfect cross between comfort and style. What sets our body warmer apart from other vests from the bigger brands is the fabric and the fit. Most of the big brands make their vests out of fleece, which has decent insulation qualities but not much else to offer. Fleece loses its crisp look pretty quickly because it’s a synthetic fabric made from petrochemicals, and once it’s life is over it breaks down into tasty micro-plastic. And even a box-fresh fleece vest will never mould to your body like a bespoke body warmer. We’ve made ours from heavy flannel, which has excellent insulation properties, and it’s 100% wool. The body warmer has a simple but elegant design, and the fabric gives it a rich and deep texture that makes it a quality garment without being flashy.

Classic Woolen Overcoats

For devotees of classic menswear, we offer our woollen coats, traditionally stylish coats in cashmere, lama, angora or sheep’s wool. Wool is still nature’s best insulating fibre, its curly structure can be woven into a thick fabric that protects well against the cold winter winds, and a great pleasure of the wool coat is how easily it can be dressed up or down, either with a suit and tie or with jeans and sneakers. The details on the coats shown here are, of course, only suggestions and can be changed to suit your taste in the design options.

The Overshirt 

We’ve also thought about outerwear for the summer, with our own overshirts. A new wave in men’s fashion, bridging the gap between jacket and shirt. A modern and practical garment that is the definition of effortlessly stylish. As this is a warmer season garment, we’ve chosen both linen and cotton for the fabrics, giving you an airy and breathable garment. Our overshirts always come with a camp collar and four front pockets for a balanced look.


What is a custom overcoat?

A custom overcoat is a tailored garment made to individual specifications, taking into account the wearer’s unique measurements, style preferences, and design choices.

This personalized approach ensures a precise fit and a garment that reflects the wearer’s taste and requirements. By choosing custom, you will get a coat that checks all your requirements for fabric and style options, and a coat that is made according to your fit preferences.

How much does a custom overcoat cost?

  • For custom technical fabrics outerwear prices start at 672€ and go up to around 895 €, depending on choice of construction.
  • For custom woolen overcoats prices range from 745 € to around 1.145 €, depending on choice of fabric and construction.
  • For custom body warmers in heavy flannel prices lay around 515 €.
  • For our custom overshirts prices start at around 252 € to about 360 €, depending on choice of fabric and construction.

All prices on our website for custom outerwear includes your design, measurements to be taken (online or in-store) as well as our 100 days fitting guarantee, so the prices on our website includes the full custom experience.

All our outerwear features high quality resin buttons, and includes a monogram of up to 3 characters as standard, but you can choose to upgrade to Australian MOP buttons, an unfuzed collar, etc.

How to make a custom overcoat?

Getting your own custom outerwear is actually pretty straight forward.
You start by creating your own fit here. Once your fit is made, you can click on any of the garments on this page and click on the “design now” button.
Choose your preferred style, or use any of our design templates. Once you are happy with the design, simply add it to the cart and checkout. We can deliver straight to you or to your nearest Mond store.

Create my fit