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Overcoats – find a custom tailored overcoat

Welcome to the world of custom tailoring, where everything you find is customised. Find your next overcoat here and enjoy our high quality and world-class service. All of Mond’s products are custom tailored, and that includes our overcoats. When you order a custom-tailored overcoat, it will be made to your unique measurements, giving you the best fit on the market. Browse our wide range of overcoats here on our website, or visit one of our shops and check out our vast selection of 11,000+ fabrics. Do let us know if you have any special requests for your new overcoat – we can help with most things.

Overcoats made to your unique measurements using smart technology

Our vision is to turn the niche into the norm, and we strive to develop and revolutionise the traditional tailoring profession every single day. We use smart technology such as 3D body scanners and we have developed a unique ‘SmartFit’(R) Algorithm based on our work with 3D scans over the last 10 years. This means you can enjoy a top quality overcoat with a perfect fit. The first time you buy one of our products, you’ll have to come into one of our shops to be measured, but after that, our technology will take care of the rest and you can simply order your next overcoat online. You can also design your own custom tailored overcoat on our website – simply choose the materials, colours and design you want your overcoat to have.

How it works

Book a free appointment online

Booking an appointment to have your measurements taken is free and easy online. Simply book a time slot that suits you.

Measuring your overcoat with 3D body scanning

Once in our shop, you will be measured using our innovative 3D body scanner, which ensures that your measurements are taken correctly. And once you’ve been measured, that’s when the fun starts! Now you can design your new overcoat yourself, choosing the material, colour, etc. However, if you’ve got your eye on one of the many overcoats in our shop, simply ask to have a similar one made for you. Taking your measurements and designing your overcoat will take about 30–60 minutes.

Your overcoat is sewn

After your measurements are taken, your overcoat will be sent to production. Your custom tailored overcoat will be made by skilled specialists at a family-run sewing workshop in Portugal. Production takes about 6 weeks.

Schedule your pick-up and try it on

Once your new overcoat is finished and ready at the sewing workshop in Portugal, it will be sent to the shop where you were measured. Try on your overcoat to make sure it fits exactly as it should. Any alterations are, of course, included in the price.

Order a new custom tailored overcoat online at the click of a button

If you have already been measured and have ordered an overcoat in one of our shops, simply order your next custom tailored overcoat online – our system automatically saves your measurement profile.

Find a matching overcoat for your suit

Our stylish overcoats are designed to match all Mond suits – and most other suits. An overcoat completes your look, keeping a common thread from coat to suit. Our overcoats come in many different designs, materials and colours, so you’re guaranteed to find an overcoat that matches your suit. Need a suit? Check out our large selection here.

Save the planet’s resources with a high-quality overcoat

We believe that custom tailoring is the way forward at a time when we need to take better care of the planet. At Mond, we will only start making your custom tailored overcoat – and all other products – once you have ordered it. This ensures that we avoid excess production in an otherwise environmentally damaging clothing and fashion industry. Choosing a high-quality product with a perfect fit means you have an overcoat that will last for many years to come. Let’s set the new standard in the clothing and fashion industry together – we look forward to welcoming you on our custom tailoring adventure when you order your customised overcoat!