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Our Black Super S130 Suit is perhaps one of the most modern and coolest suits that we present on our website here. The cloth is made in a twill weave from Drago and has a very subtle shine, which underlines the black colour. Black suits have surged in popularity over the last year. We’ve presented it with our casual preset here, with rounded shoulders, and a slightly slim fit. If you want to style this suit in the most modern way possible, try to tone down the details; opt for one button and have it made without lining, and ask our tailors to make you a looser fit - this makes for a light and soft suit that moves naturally around with your body.
Drago's 130S collection is one of their best-developed textiles, and one of the finer twill collections on the market. Twill is a type of weave where yarn is woven into a structure of diagonal lines that give the textile a subtle but beautiful structure. 130S denotes that the cloth is made from very fine fibers, creating soft and light fabric, it weighs 310 g/m2 and is made from 100% wool.
Styling this black suit depends heavily on the occasion, but generally, it would be more apt for private and festive settings than in the work environment. If you want to style it in the coolest way possible then black on black is the way to go, as seen in the picture here. Apart form black, other darker colours like darker shades of olive or burgundy and lighter colours like beige and sage make for very cool Outfits. Interestingly enough, black is one of the colours for suits that lend themselves to informal pairings such as t-shirts and knits. Whenever wearing such a dark suit, a little accessory like a pocket square, or a boutonnière for the hipsters, does a lot for the suit, as it breaks up and contrasts the black colour. A private occasion where the black suit is very right Though for the funeral, the black suit would be styled very differently, with a white or charcoal grey shirt.
The beautiful Twill fabric used in this suit comes from the Italian mill Draga di Biella. The over 50-year-old family business is located in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy. They import all their wool from Australia and New Zealand from farmers who have high environmental and ethical standards for their flocks. All processing, from spinning the yarn to weaving the fabric, takes place in-house to ensure quality standards are met. That's why we're proud to have them in our range, if you'd like to find out more about the mill please visit their website.
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Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 60 × 55 × 8 cm
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