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The Brown Houndstooth suit straddles the line between formal and unconventional. The pattern is a varied micro houndstooth that alternates between a dark brown base and lighter shades of tan, sage and hazelnut. The pattern is so small that, far from being distracting or informal, it keeps the suit visually interesting for longer. The style we've presented here is business, which gives a tapered, clean look, although it should be noted that the suit would work just as well if commissioned in a looser fit.

Houndstooth, or pied-de-poule as it is also known, originally comes from the
Scottish Highlands. It is usually made by combining contrasting yarns in a houndstooth pattern to create a visually interesting fabric. This particular fabric weighs 310g/m2, which is just heavy enough to drape nicely, but light enough to be comfortable all day in a heated office.

Styling this suit is fairly easy, as the base colour of the suit is rather subtle and can easily be combined with more saturated colours, such as the tie in the picture. Styling it this way will generally be perceived as more formal because the outfit will draw more attention to itself. For a more casual look, wear it with a navy or grey crew neck or turtleneck. This suit also works particularly well without a tie and with more casual shirts such as flannels or denim shirts. Wearing the suit as separates is a trick; for the jacket, the soft brown/grey looks great with jeans, preferably the lighter washed variety. The trousers go well with all kinds of shirts and knitwear, as long as they're not heavily patterned. In terms of shoes, this suit can be worn with both black and brown leather and any type of shoe, be it oxford or loafer.

The beautiful houndstooth fabric used in this suit comes from the Italian mill Draga di Biella. The over 50-year-old family business is located in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy. They import all their wool from Australia and New Zealand from farmers who have high environmental and ethical standards for their flocks. All processing, from spinning the yarn to weaving the fabric, takes place in Biella to ensure quality standards are met. That's why we're proud to have them in our range, if you'd like to find out more about the mill please visit their website.
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