Brown Suits for Men – A Fun and Unique Guide

Carlos Domord wearing a brown Twistair suit by mond of copenhagen

Mens Brown Suit

The colour brown might draw parallels to one’s grandparents and how they used to dress. However, brown actually stands out as one of the best colours for a large range of complexions. Plus, the many different shades within the brown colour scheme open up a lot of different style options.

Nowadays, people are trying out more and more colours and shades. As a result, brown has made a strong comeback. Not only is it timeless, but it also adds warmth and depth to any outfit. Whether you choose a classic brown suit or mix and match with different brown tones, this colour offers a sophisticated and modern alternative to the traditional black or navy suits.

So, embrace the versatility of brown. You’ll find it can be both stylish and contemporary, making a strong statement today.

  • Brown Houndstooth suit / brune Houndstooth-jakkesæt / brown Houndstooth-Anzug / Brun Houndstooth-dress

    The Brown Houndstooth suit. Our custom tailored suits are perfect for any formal or casual occasion. Our team of experts will take your measurements and create a suit that fits you perfectly.

  • custom brown suit in twistair, with black shoes

    Brown TwistAir – The ultimate suit for almost any occasion.
    The TwistAir fabric, woven exclusively from Mond, is our latest and most comprehensive fabric collection to date. Woven in the UK, this 300g fabric features a breathable, wrinkle-resistant weave. With a softening finish, TwistAir is not only comfortable but also offers a natural stretch. Ideal for various occasions, TwistAir keeps you cool and fresh with its breathability. It maintains a polished look, thanks to its remarkable resistance to wrinkles. Experience the luxury of its soft touch and elegant drape. Elevate your wardrobe and make a statement with Mond’s exclusive TwistAir collection.

  • mond dark tan linen suit

    Introducing our Dark Tan Linen suit, a standout piece from our linen collection. Custom-made to your body measurements, this suit is crafted from 100% linen by the renowned Baird McNutt fabric mill in Ireland, weighing 320g/m. It offers exceptional breathability and comfort, making it perfect for various occasions. Its versatility allows for easy dressing up or down. Explore the full range of suits in our Linen collection .

  • Taupe tropical custom made suit by mond

    Our Taupe Tropical Suit is a refreshing modern and cool iteration of the brown suit. The cloth is a light and airy tropical weave from Fox brothers, made from 100% wool. The colour is quite a unique cool brown tone, that is rather unconventional and makes the suit unmistakably modern. We’ve presented it here in a modern fit and normal shoulder construction, with a double-breasted waistcoat. Note that the waistcoat is not included but can easily be added to the order via the chat.

    Tropical weaves bring out the brighter side of wool, making for a strong and light cloth. The yarn that was used for this particular fabric collection has slightly different shades of grey, leaving a beautiful structure in the cloth that accentuates the fit. It weighs around 290 g/m2, and is made from 100% wool. It is a fairly light fabric, but robust enough to be suitable for prolonged wear.

    This with a waistcoat makes a strong candidate for a wedding suit. Pair it with a crisp white shirt, a dark unicoloured tie, a pocket square and perhaps a boutonniere for a modern and elegant wedding outfit. Shoe-wise it works with black as well as brown leather shoes, opt for suede or loafers if you desire a less formal look. It should be noted that this suit as a whole would not work well with lighter shoes. As a modern suit it is versatile, and if you lose the waistcoat, it is a perfectly good suit for professional settings. Though wearing the jacket as a separate is rather difficult, the trousers work very well on their own, going well with informal shirts like our kashco or knits.

    Fox Brothers & Company is one of Britain’s oldest textile mills, founded in 1772 by Thomas Fox. It is the mill that invented the woolen flannel, and has had innovation as a core tenant for over 250 years. Today still, some of the most interesting fabrics in our selection come from the Fox Lab. All of their fabrics are produced in Somerset, England, and they’ve placed special emphasis on sustainable manufacturing. To learn more about their history, production, and please visit their webside. []

The Versatile Brown Suit

If you’re striving to get a brown suit that gets the job done. You should aim for a classic wool suit. The Brown TwistAir suit is the perfect example in this particular case.

Durable, breathable and an wrinkle-resistant weave. Easy for you to sport as separates or just as a classic two-piece suit. They key is the weave of the fabric and with a high twist like our TwistAir, you get the perfect companion to your shirts, knitwear or jeans. Super versatile!

man in a brown suit in twistair fabric
The micro houndstooth flannel suit Johan Wikstrom

Brown with a Twist

Opting for a full suit with a pattern, such as houndstooth in this case, presents you with the opportunity to have a jacket that will be your go-to sports jacket, in addition to having an extremely cool two-piece suit.

The houndstooth (pied-de-poule) is one of the most renowned patterns in clothing, and for obvious reasons. It offers the effect of a plain suit from a distance, but as you get closer, you see the interesting checks alternating between light and dark making it the perfect choice for a brown suit.

Definitely a suit you should consider if you are looking to expand your collection with something versatile and fun to wear. Take a look at our Brown Superior Wool Houndstooth.

Lighter Shades of Brown

As soon as you opt for a lighter colour brown suit, you are essentially designing or choosing a summer suit. Lighter shades of brown are some of the most flattering and versatile in formal clothing. You can never go wrong with cream, tan, or beige trousers. With lighter brown shades, a full suit can be a nice touch, but buying a pair of trousers or a sports jacket can be equally good ideas.

Here are some different ways it could be done.

In Conclusion

Mens brown suit has made a comeback in fashion, highlighting their timeless appeal and incredible versatility. Brown suits for mens, whether in classic wool, linen, or cotton, provide a modern alternative to the traditional black or navy options.
Moreover, the various shades within the brown palette offer a wide range of style choices, from lighter summer suits in tan or beige to deeper, richer tones for more formal looks.

For example, a classic wool suit, such as the Brown TwistAir suit, exemplifies everthing you want in a 4 season suit. Durability, breathability, and wrinkle resistance. This makes it a versatile option for any wardrobe.
Furthermore, the houndstooth pattern adds an extra layer of interest, making it easy to transition from a formal two-piece suit to a standout sports jacket.

Additionally, lighter shades of brown are particularly flattering and ideal for summer wear. They offer a fresh and casual look whether you choose a full suit, trousers, or a sports jacket. By adding brown to your wardrobe, you not only introduce warmth and depth to your outfits but also ensure yourself a variety of styling options and combinations.

In short, the versatility of brown makes it a colour worth considering for expanding your wardrobe, both now and in the years to come.


Questions about Mens Brown Suit

What combinations go with a brown suit?

A brown suit pairs well with various combinations. White, light blue, pastel pink or stripes shirts work well.
For the tie, most nature colours pair well brown shades such as green, yellow and other earthy tones. If you want to go formel opt for a dark brown suit with black accessories. Tie, socks, shoes all black.

When can you wear a brown suit?

A brown suit is versatile and suitable for many occasions. In business settings, darker shades of brown are perfect for meetings or office wear, especially in autumn and winter.
For weddings, lighter shades of brown are great, particularly for outdoor or rustic-themed ceremonies. For casual events, a brown suit can be dressed down with a turtleneck or an open-collared shirt for a casual look. It is also ideal for social gatherings, like dinners, parties, or any event where you want to make an impression.

What color shoes go with a brown suit?

The color of shoes you choose can greatly affect your overall look. Brown shoes in various shades, whether darker or lighter than the suit, are versatile, with darker brown being the classic choice. Burgundy shoes add a touch of sophistication and work well in both formal and semi-formal settings. Although not seen often, black shoes are the most traditional option. When paired thoughtfully, particularly with darker brown suits, they create a more formal look. Black shoes should be your choice for a wedding

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