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This Dark Tan Twill Linen Suit is the item in our Linen collection with the most unique colour, somewhere between oker and hazelnut. This is in every way a modern take on the summer linen suit, here presented with a casual fit and patch pockets. This cloth is an open invitation to experiment with style in the design options, and could very well work with a single button, a peaked lapel or double breasted front.

Linen is a fabric for the summer, it will wrinkle beautifully as plant fibres should. The fabric weighs 320 g/m2 which is light enough to allow air to circulate without being so thin that it becomes see-through. The Twill weave gives the fabric, and the suit, a firmer and more lavish structure than what is typical for suits made from Linen.

Since this suit is so very contemporary it pairs very well with other modern garments. However you’re not bound to style it exclusively in a bold manner, this dark tan suit can be styled very simply with other earth tones like all shades of brown, shades of green like sage or dark olive green. Now since this suit has such a saturated base colour it will often pair better with subdued shades of other colours. This suit is inspired by styles of warmer climates like the Adriatic’s and the Caribbeans, so it is a little bit less intuitive to style for the nordic climate. The easiest way to do it is by wearing it monochromatically with a lot of white, or as separates with something blue like washed out jeans or a navy knit. For us this is without a doubt the most playful summer suit in our linen collection.

The fabric comes from the Baird McNutt mill in Ireland. It is a family business that thrives in the harsh Irish weather and specialises in the production of linen fabrics. The fabrics are woven using traditional methods, and have a low environmental impact, due to sustainable farming practices. To learn more about the mill please visit their website. [ https://www.bairdmcnuttirishlinen.com/ ]

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