Building a Classic Business Professional Wardrobe

building a business wardrobe

The foundation of a proper business professional wardrobe lies in finding timeless classics that exude sophistication, are easy to style with a variety of other pieces, and will last you for years to come. Whether you’re embarking on your career journey or revamping your existing attire, certain key items can effortlessly elevate your style. Here, we focus on four essential and versatile pieces that form the backbone of a classic business wardrobe:

The Navy Blue Suit

A Timeless Choice

A navy blue suit, quite simply, is the cornerstone of professional dressing. Its versatility is unparalleled; it effortlessly transitions from formal boardroom meetings to elegant evening affairs, and even casual outings.

The navyblue suit you see on the pictures is part of our exclusive TwistAir collection, which is launching very soon. It’s a mid-weight fabric that ensures year-round comfort, breathability, durability, and resistance to wrinkles. The perfect all-rounder for the busy gentleman.

You can create a variety of different outfits by simply changing the shirt, tie, pocket square, and shoes. You can even pair it with a simple t-shirt or knitwear for weekend outings.

twistair suiting fabric by mond of copenhagen

Crafted from 100% wool, our TwistAir fabrics are exclusively woven for Mond in the UK by an internationally renowned fabric manufacturer.

They are designed to be the ultimate fabric that checks all the boxes for every wearer – from the busy professional at the office to the groom seeking a sharp and comfortable look on their wedding day. TwistAir sets a new standard in versatility and sophistication.

Durability and crease resistance

By employing high twist yarns, we’ve created a fabric that is very durable and excels in resisting creases and maintaining a sharp appearance, even through constant wear. To balance this durability with comfort, a special treatment was introduced, yielding a soft finish that provides a luxurious wearing experience.

Natural stretch

For extra comfort, the fabric has a light natural stretch that adapts harmoniously with the dynamic lifestyles of busy gentlemen.


This fabric features an open weave that facilitates excellent breathability and unmatched comfort. When it comes to breathability, simply holding the material up to the light reveals its tiny gaps, that allow the air to pass through, while discreetly concealing undergarments.

Two Essential Shirts

Complementing the suit, we recommend two essential shirts: the classic white shirt, an indispensable choice, and the light blue shirt option, which adds a touch of casual elegance to any ensemble. You can always expand your collection with more colors and patterns, but these two are absolutely essential and a great place to start.

Both shirts you see here are part of our new Easy Care collection. They are breathable, offer high moisture absorption, and, best of all, they don’t require ironing. Just wash them at 40 degrees and let them dry on a hanger overnight.

A Pair of Light Grey Trousers

Mond Light Grey Twistair Trousers

The Perfect Match for Your Suit Jacket

A pair of grey trousers can perfectly complement the suit jacket, creating the classic menswear uniform. Navy blue and light grey are complementary colors on the color wheel and this harmony makes them an ideal match, creating a balanced and visually appealing contrast.

Designed in the same fabric as the suit from our TwistAir collection, these trousers share its crease-resistant and durable qualities, ideal for long workdays.

Styling: Depending on the occasion, you can opt for brown or black dress shoes. Brown shoes can add a touch of warmth and contrast to the ensemble, while black shoes lend a more formal vibe.

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