Forest Green TwistAir Trousers


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Custom made trousers made with our signature TwistAir fabric.
The TwistAir, is part of our latest and most comprehensive fabric collection to date. Exclusively woven in the UK for Mond, each fabric reflects our commitment to quality and innovation. Crafted from 100% wool, the TwistAir collection is designed to be the ultimate fabric, meeting the needs of every wearer—from the busy professional to the groom seeking a sharp and comfortable look on their wedding day.
Key Features:
- Durability and crease resistance
By employing high twist yarns, we've created a fabric that is very durable and excels in resisting creases and maintaining a sharp appearance, even through constant wear. To balance this durability with comfort, a special treatment was introduced, yielding a soft finish that provides a luxurious wearing experience.
- Natural stretch
For extra comfort, the fabric has a light natural stretch that adapts harmoniously with the dynamic lifestyles of busy gentlemen.
- Breathability
This fabric features an open weave that facilitates excellent breathability and unmatched comfort. When it comes to breathability, simply holding the material up to the light reveals its tiny gaps, that allow the air to pass through, while discreetly concealing undergarments.
- Perfectly Balanced Weight
Weighing in at 300g, the TwistAir fabrics fall into the category of mid-weight textiles. This optimal weight offers a versatile year-round wearing experience, making it well-suited for a variety of climates. 

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