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Our ScandiNavy S150 Suit is made from a super fine twill weave, and is one of our most luxurious iterations of a modern navy suit. We’ve presented this suit in its most sleek form, so we’ve gone for the business preset with a slim fit, and jetted pockets. And rounded shoulders. Though with such an exclusive cloth, this suit will also look really good with roped shoulders, double-breasted, and certainly with a looser fit for those who like more room in their suits. Remember that you’re free to design this suit exactly as you like.

This Navy Super S150 is a truly unique fabric; it is robust and sturdy while being made from the finest 16-micron, Super S1501’s wool fibers (it is really fine, thin and light). This thin yet compact cloth weighs in at 360 g/m2 and is made from 100% wool, and has a beautiful natural shine. It is part of Huddersfield’s QZ2 collection and in their own words „a truly luxurious medium twill suiting fabric that is neither fragile nor delicate, tailors to perfection and wears like iron“.

This suit can be styled for any private or professional occasion as long as it is formal. To style it as groom, perhaps add a waistcoat in a contrasting light colour like creme, a white shirt and *importantly* a unicoloured tie. Then some black or brown leather shoes, preferably not suede, and your preferred accessories; pocket square, boutonnière and cufflinks. Now for business this suit should be worn with either a white shirt and a Macclesfield tie, or a lighter coloured but elegant shirt, f.ex. lavender. The trousers are fairly straightforward to wear as separates, most shirt, knits, and overskirts will look good, but the jacket is rather difficult to pull off on its own, but we encourage you to take on the challenge.

Huddersfield is a textile mill from the town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England. The town itself has grown around the textile industries since the Industrial Revolution. What makes Huddersfields unique is their extremely soft water in which the raw wool is washed, before it is woven into luxurious and unique suiting fabrics. To learn more about their production and dedication towards sustainable production please visit their website.
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