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Our Rust Tropical Suit is one of our more relaxed and informal suits for summer and fall. The fabric is a loosely woven blend of rust and creme coloured yarn, that gives the cloth a visually interesting structure. The style we’ve presented here is casual with a slim cut, but feel free to incorporate details like pleats, cuff, and three buttons on the front.

Tropical weaves bring out the brighter side of wool, making for a strong and light cloth. The aforementioned structure in the cloth does a wonderful job of accentuating the fit. It weighs around 290 g/m2, and is made from 100% wool. It is a fairly light fabric, but robust enough to be suitable for prolonged wear.

This suit is made for breezy summer parties, and all other places where one wants to look well dressed but not too formal or stiff. Evidently the suit pairs well with white shirts, but it works just as well with darker and slightly saturated shirts, such as darker denim, or charcoal for those who want a very contemporary look. It is also one of the suits that work very well without a tie. Especially jacket lends itself very well to being worn on its own, and can be worn with both light jeans as well as khakis. Shoe-wise, this suit certainly works better with lighter shoes like brown or tan suede shoes. Black shoes can be more difficult, but a trick to make it work, is to wear the suit with a black tie, then the black leather compliments the look perfectly.

This special fabric comes from the Italian textile mill Vitale Barberis Canonico. The Barberis Canonico family has been producing fabrics since 1663, maintaining traditions and adapting early to industrious trends such as electrification at the beginning of the 20th century. This commitment to craftsmanship is apparent in their fabrics, such as in this tropical weave. To find out more about their history and sustainable production, visit their website. [ ]

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