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  • Peach Striped American Oxford

    Introducing a fresh addition to our American Oxford Shirt collection: The Peach Striped - perfect for the spring and summer seasons.
    The American Oxford weave is a traditional method of weaving cotton fabric that originated in the United States. It is characterized by a slightly heavier and more textured construction compared to other types of oxford weaves, such as the classic Oxford or the Royal Oxford.
    American Oxford fabric typically has a rougher, matte appearance with a distinct basket-like texture. This type of weave is known for its durability and casual aesthetic, making it popular for casual shirts, including button-down shirts. The fabric is breathable and comfortable, ideal for everyday wear.
    The fabric is from the Canclini mill in Italy, known for producing premium cotton fabrics favored by many high-end clothing brands and renowned for their superior quality, softness, and durability.

  • Rust suit in tropical weave

    The Rust Tropical suit. the perfect suit for any occasion. From weddings to formal events, this suit will make you look your best.

  • 272,06 

    Rust tropical trousers. These trousers are made to fit your unique body perfectly, and are made from a durable and comfortable fabric. They are perfect for any tropical destination, and will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Block-Stripe-Woven-Orange-Violet

    The Block Stripe Woven Tie is a beautiful and unique tie made of 100% silk. The tie is made of orange and violet stripes and is 8 cm wide and 150 cm long. It is handcrafted in Italy and is a high quality accessory.

  • Floral-Printed-Silk-Unlined-Burnt-Orange

    This is a Floral Printed Silk Unlined Tie in Burnt Orange. It is made of 100% silk and is 8 cm wide by 150 cm long. It is handcrafted in Italy and is of premium quality.