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it. We have plenty of additional colours, patterns, weaves and fabrics to choose from.

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  • mond dark tan linen suit

    Introducing our Dark Tan Linen suit, a standout piece from our linen collection. Custom-made to your body measurements, this suit is crafted from 100% linen by the renowned Baird McNutt fabric mill in Ireland, weighing 320g/m. It offers exceptional breathability and comfort, making it perfect for various occasions. Its versatility allows for easy dressing up or down. Explore the full range of suits in our Linen collection .

  • custom made khaki linen suit by mond

    This Khaki Twill Linen Suit is very classical take on a suit in tropical fashion. The light color does a wonderful job at showcasing the airy cloth, and thus the suit is one of the most leisurely designs we provide. The style we've presented here is casual, emphasising the less formal characteristics of the linen, but you could also contrast the informal color and make the suit with roped shoulders.
    Linen is a fabric for the summer, it will wrinkle beautifully as plant fibres should. The fabric weighs 320 g/m2 which is light enough to allow air to circulate without being so thin that it becomes see-through. The Twill weave gives the fabric, and the suit, a firmer and more lavish structure than what is typical for suits made from Linen.
    It is the perfect suit for being outside in the sun this summer, and can be styled in a variety of ways. Especially because the suit in itself is so informal it lends itself beautifully to be styled up a bit, where it with a crisp white shirt and a selection of your favorite accessories like a subtly patterned midnight blue tie, black sunglasses and maybe even a black pocket square if your feeling bold. Otherwise you can double down on the informality of the garment and combine it with a t-shirt and boating shoe like Sebago’s. Like most rather informal suits this khaki linen suit lends itself to be worn as separats.
    The fabric comes from the Baird McNutt mill in Ireland. It is a family business that thrives in the harsh Irish weather and specialises in the production of linen fabrics. The fabrics are woven using traditional methods, and have a low environmental impact, due to sustainable farming practices. To learn more about the mill please visit their website. [ ]

  • Brown Striped American Oxford

    Introducing a fresh addition to our American Oxford Shirt collection, the Brown Striped - perfect for the spring and summer seasons.
    The American Oxford weave is a traditional method of weaving cotton fabric that originated in the United States. It is characterized by a slightly heavier and more textured construction compared to other types of oxford weaves, such as the classic Oxford or the Royal Oxford.
    American Oxford fabric typically has a rougher, matte appearance with a distinct basket-like texture. This type of weave is known for its durability and casual aesthetic, making it popular for casual shirts, including button-down shirts. The fabric is breathable and comfortable, ideal for everyday wear.
    The fabric is from the Canclini mill in Italy, known for producing premium cotton fabrics favored by many high-end clothing brands and renowned for their superior quality, softness, and durability.

  • brown suit trousers in twistair fabric

    Custom made trousers made with our signature TwistAir fabric.

    The TwistAir, is part of our latest and most comprehensive fabric collection to date. Exclusively woven in the UK for Mond, each fabric reflects our commitment to quality and innovation. Crafted from 100% wool, the TwistAir collection is designed to be the ultimate fabric, meeting the needs of every wearer—from the busy professional to the groom seeking a sharp and comfortable look on their wedding day.

    Key Features:

    - Durability and crease resistance
    By employing high twist yarns, we've created a fabric that is very durable and excels in resisting creases and maintaining a sharp appearance, even through constant wear. To balance this durability with comfort, a special treatment was introduced, yielding a soft finish that provides a luxurious wearing experience.

    - Natural stretch
    For extra comfort, the fabric has a light natural stretch that adapts harmoniously with the dynamic lifestyles of busy gentlemen.

    - Breathability
    This fabric features an open weave that facilitates excellent breathability and unmatched comfort. When it comes to breathability, simply holding the material up to the light reveals its tiny gaps, that allow the air to pass through, while discreetly concealing undergarments.

    - Perfectly Balanced Weight
    Weighing in at 300g, the TwistAir fabrics fall into the category of mid-weight textiles. This optimal weight offers a versatile year-round wearing experience, making it well-suited for a variety of climates. 

  • custom Brown Wool and Cashmere Overcoat

    This Wool & Cashmere overcoat fabric from Drago encapsulate everything we want in a coat.
    Weight, drape and touch is outstanding and makes some of the finest cloth.

  • Brown Houndstooth suit / brune Houndstooth-jakkesæt / brown Houndstooth-Anzug / Brun Houndstooth-dress

    The Brown Houndstooth suit. Our custom tailored suits are perfect for any formal or casual occasion. Our team of experts will take your measurements and create a suit that fits you perfectly.

  • custom brown suit in twistair, with black shoes

    Brown TwistAir – The ultimate suit for almost any occasion.
    The TwistAir fabric, woven exclusively from Mond, is our latest and most comprehensive fabric collection to date. Woven in the UK, this 300g fabric features a breathable, wrinkle-resistant weave. With a softening finish, TwistAir is not only comfortable but also offers a natural stretch. Ideal for various occasions, TwistAir keeps you cool and fresh with its breathability. It maintains a polished look, thanks to its remarkable resistance to wrinkles. Experience the luxury of its soft touch and elegant drape. Elevate your wardrobe and make a statement with Mond’s exclusive TwistAir collection.

  • custom made Brown Wool and Cashmere Herringbone Overcoat

    This Wool & Cashmere herringbone overcoat fabric from Drago encapsulate everything we want in a coat.
    Weight, drape and touch is outstanding and makes some of the finest cloth.

  • 933,82 

    The Brown Lama Overcoat. This coat is made to order and is made of a durable and comfortable fabric. The brown color is perfect for any season and the plain lama design is unique and stylish.

  • 744,75 

    Looking for a warm and stylish overcoat? Look no further than our custom tailored brown cashmere overcoat! Made from high quality brown plain wool fabric, this overcoat will keep you warm and stylish all winter long

  • NEW beige / tan suit in twistair fabric

    This tan TwistAir suit has a beautiful sand/beige colour with a slightly cooler hue. This suit is perfect for weddings as it combines some unique qualities, not only aesthetically but also practically. The fabric is wool, making it strong and formal, but the weave makes it light and comfortable - almost linen-like, but without the wrinkles. We've presented the suit in our business preset, our most minimal preset, to allow the beautiful colour and texture of the fabric to take centre stage. And it should be noted that this suit is by no means restricted to weddings, it is first and foremost a warm weather suit and can be styled as business wear as well as for the groom.

    Wool is the gold standard for suit fabrics and this one is special as it is part of Mond's very own TwistAir collection. The fabric is woven with a special high twist that creates a thin and strong fabric with excellent drape. In addition, the TwistAir fabric is treated with a special finish that gives it a soft touch. As well as being beautiful and exclusive, this fabric is also very comfortable. The strong and durable yarn allows for a slightly looser weave that is breathable and even has some natural stretch, despite being made from 100% wool. Weighing in at 300g/m2, it is definitely on the lighter side for a wool fabric.

    Styling this suit for a wedding is an easy affair, though it should be noted that this suit by nature of the relaxed cloth is not the first choice for a very formal wedding. For a wedding combine the suit with the mandatory white shirt, either a contrasting dark or complementing light tie. When it comes to shoes this suit goes wonderfully with all shades of brown, where darker brown shoes make for a more formal outfit. Black shoes are notoriously difficult to pull off with a beige suit, and thus we discourage it. If you’d like to take the formality of the suit up a notch you can always add waistcoat by asking about it in the chat. Since this suit is more on the subtle end you can be generous with accessories without fear of overdoing it. A personal favorite of ours is the boutonnière. A part form that, some cufflinks and a pocket square always make for a good addition.

    Huddersfield is a textile mill from the town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England. The town itself has grown around the textile industries since the Industrial Revolution. What makes Huddersfield unique is their extremely soft water in which the raw wool is washed, before it is woven into luxurious and unique suiting fabrics. To learn more about their production and dedication towards sustainable production please visit their website.

  • mond brown heavy flannel suit

    Introducing our Brown Heavy Flannel Suit, a standout piece in the Heavy Flannels Collection. With a weight of 340g per meter, it promises excellent drape, durability, and warmth in colder weather.
    The flannels in this collection are produced by the renowned VBC mill, and we believe they should be a staple for all suit owners. They are perfect for semi-formal and formal use and can easily be worn as separates. We have selected a handful of different colors that we think will complement the wardrobe of the busy gentleman.
    Flannel is a soft and warm fabric often characterized by its slightly fuzzy surface. It is commonly used for trousers, jackets, and other cold-weather clothing. If Vitale Barberis Canonico produces flannel, you can expect their flannel fabrics to be of high quality, with attention to detail and craftsmanship. The choice of fibers, weaving techniques, and finishing processes in their flannel fabrics all contribute to a luxurious and comfortable feel, which is the reason we choose to work with them.

  • Brown Heavy Flannel Bodywarmer

    Introducing the newest addition to our collection: The Bodywarmer in Brown.
    Our bodywarmers are crafted from heavy flannel, a warm, durable, and comfortable fabric with a subtle texture. They feature a two-sided zipper, allowing you to easily adjust the front look. On each side, there is a strap which offers flexibility for tailoring the fit around your waist.
    The bodywarmer is custom made to your measurements, and you have the freedom to adjust the details to suit your preferences. You can opt for a square collar, as seen in the picture, or choose a rounded one. The lining and zipper colors can also be selected to your liking. For a personal touch, consider adding an embroidered monogram to the lining. We offer a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from.
    Styling is a breeze - the bodywarmer serves as an ideal layering piece year-round. You have numerous options, from pairing it with t-shirts, shirts, and knitwear to teaming it with your favorite suit trousers, denim or chinos.

  • Taupe tropical custom made suit by mond

    Our Taupe Tropical Suit is a refreshing modern and cool iteration of the brown suit. The cloth is a light and airy tropical weave from Fox brothers, made from 100% wool. The colour is quite a unique cool brown tone, that is rather unconventional and makes the suit unmistakably modern. We’ve presented it here in a modern fit and normal shoulder construction, with a double-breasted waistcoat. Note that the waistcoat is not included but can easily be added to the order via the chat.

    Tropical weaves bring out the brighter side of wool, making for a strong and light cloth. The yarn that was used for this particular fabric collection has slightly different shades of grey, leaving a beautiful structure in the cloth that accentuates the fit. It weighs around 290 g/m2, and is made from 100% wool. It is a fairly light fabric, but robust enough to be suitable for prolonged wear.

    This with a waistcoat makes a strong candidate for a wedding suit. Pair it with a crisp white shirt, a dark unicoloured tie, a pocket square and perhaps a boutonniere for a modern and elegant wedding outfit. Shoe-wise it works with black as well as brown leather shoes, opt for suede or loafers if you desire a less formal look. It should be noted that this suit as a whole would not work well with lighter shoes. As a modern suit it is versatile, and if you lose the waistcoat, it is a perfectly good suit for professional settings. Though wearing the jacket as a separate is rather difficult, the trousers work very well on their own, going well with informal shirts like our kashco or knits.

    Fox Brothers & Company is one of Britain’s oldest textile mills, founded in 1772 by Thomas Fox. It is the mill that invented the woolen flannel, and has had innovation as a core tenant for over 250 years. Today still, some of the most interesting fabrics in our selection come from the Fox Lab. All of their fabrics are produced in Somerset, England, and they’ve placed special emphasis on sustainable manufacturing. To learn more about their history, production, and please visit their webside. []

  • Rust suit in tropical weave

    The Rust Tropical suit. the perfect suit for any occasion. From weddings to formal events, this suit will make you look your best.

  • dark brown leather loafers by mond of copenhagen

    Looking for a versatile and stylish loafers? Look no further than our dark brown calf loafer. Made with a plain leather, these shoes are perfect for any formal or casual occasion.

  • LoaferZurigo (1)-acc-main-edited

    Looking for a stylish loafers to wear with your favorite dress? Look no further than our brown suede loafers. Made from high-quality plain leather, these shoes are perfect for any occasion.

  • Light Brown Cashmere Knit Tie by Mond of Copenhagen

    Explore our latest collection of handmade cashmere knit ties, crafted in Italy. These ties complement both suits and casual ensembles equally well. They are available in navy blue, light grey, grey, taupe, and light brown.

  • Taupe Cashmere Knit Tie by Mond of Copenhagen

    Explore our latest collection of handmade cashmere knit ties, crafted in Italy. These ties complement both suits and casual ensembles equally well. They are available in navy blue, light grey, grey, taupe, and light brown.

  • 188,03 

    Introducing our Light Brown Cotton and Cashmere Blend Shirt 'Kashco,' a cozy essential for autumn and winter. Crafted in a flannel weave, this shirt ensures softness, warmth, and incredible comfort during the colder months. The perfect day-to-day autumn/winter shirt, whether you're dressing up in a suit or keeping it casual.

  • Brown Mix - Pied de poule untipped

    Brown Mix silk tie in a panama weave with pied de poule print from pure Italian silk. Self-tipped.

  • Mocha - Panama weave untipped

    Mocha brown silk tie in a panama weave from pure Italian silk. Self-tipped

  • Dessert Tan - Panama weave untipped

    This beautiful desert-tan necktie is made of 100% silk. The tie is sporting handrolled edges and is made in panama weave, giving it structure and texture. It is 8 cm wide and 150 cm long.

  • Dark Brown - Basketweave

    Plain brown tie made from a mix of cotton and silk, in a beautiful basketweave for added texture. A great and versatile choice for your outfit.

  • Shappe-Circles-Brown-Tie-acc-main-edited

    Our Brown Shappe Silk Tie, a sand-coloured necktie hand-made in Italy, with 100% Shappe silk. Made in a panama weave, with a beige floral squares and circles pattern.

  • White_Brown Butcher Stripe Linen shirt

    Get ready for the warmer months with our White/Brown Butcher Stripe Linen Shirt!

    Crafted from 100% premium quality linen, this shirt is not only lightweight and breathable but also incredibly comfortable, making it perfect for those long, sunny days.

    But what really makes this shirt stand out is its custom-made design. With a variety of customization options available, you can create a shirt that’s uniquely tailored to your personal style. Choose from different collar styles, cuff types, and button options to create a one-of-a-kind shirt that fits you perfectly.

  • 82,98 

    Brown shappe silk bow tie with circle print. Handmade in Italy from 100% silk.

  • 82,98 

    Beige shappe silk bow tie with circle print. Handmade in Italy from 100% silk.

  • mond of copenhagen braces brown-acc-main-edited

    Dark brown braided braces with Chocolate brown leather trimmings, made in England by renowned braces maker Albert Thurston, for Mond. Features a clip-on option as well as the proper fastening for suspender buttons inside your trousers. Ideal as a companion for your trousers or jeans.

  • 744,75 

    This custom tailored jacket is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Crafted from a luxurious brown camel fabric, this jacket is designed to fit you perfectly. The classic plain design is timeless and will never go out of style. The fabric is soft and comfortable, making it perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or just want to look your best, this custom tailored jacket is the perfect choice.