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Our Maroon Barathea Suit is a truly special piece. Both the colour and the weave are unique and exclusively festive. Barathea is one of the most classic formal fabrics and was only used for special garments such as morning coats. Maroon is a somewhat avant-garde colour for a suit, but it has been around for a long time and is well established among menswear connoisseurs.
Barathea is an evolution of twill and has a very fine, pebbly texture. It originated in Great Britain and was the preferred choice of the British aristocracy when they commissioned clothing for ceremonial occasions. Our Barathea weighs around 310g/m2, making it a very light and comfortable fabric. As a Barathea, it drapes particularly well and has a very soft hand.
As mentioned above, this is a suit for festive occasions and is an excellent choice for a wedding suit. When styling it, you can lean into its formal nature and opt for a crisp white shirt and a very dark or very light plain silk tie with a bit of shine. It also works beautifully with lighter pocket squares and silver or gemstone cufflinks. If you want to tone it down a little, go for an off-white shirt and a more subtle tie, such as a pale light blue. You'll still stand out, but you'll have less contrast in your outfit, which will make it less vibrant. For shoes, dark brown leather would be the preferred option, but shiny and even bluish shades of black leather also work very well.

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Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 60 × 55 × 8 cm



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