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The Grey Twist Flannella Suit is our interpretation of all the visual qualities a flannel suit can have, together with the practical qualities that make it comfortable to wear all day. We've chosen to show the suit in a full three-piece combination to demonstrate how elegant and formal flannel can be. The colour is a beautiful, slightly darker and colder grey, which brings out the details such as the tie, pocket square and buttons.

At first glance, the fabric looks like a fine flannel, but there is more to it than that. Fine flannels are notoriously difficult to wear and care for because they're so prone to wear and tear. That's why we chose twisted flannel, a special type of flannel where the yarn is twisted much harder than normal. The result is a stronger, lighter fabric that still has the texture and appearance of a fine, luxurious flannel. This is why a suit in this fabric is suitable for extended use.

How you style this suit depends very much on the occasion. Wear it with a waistcoat for a special occasion such as a wedding. For the most classic look, combine it with a white or off-white shirt and a plain tie in a colour you like. Bold colours work particularly well for the tie as they draw the eye to your face. Shoe wise, this suit works well with both black and brown leather shoes, black is technically more formal, but it's all about your preference.

This special fabric comes from the Italian textile mill Vitale Barberis Canonico. The Barberis Canonico family has been producing fabrics since 1663, maintaining traditions and adapting early to industrious trends such as electrification at the beginning of the 20th century. This commitment to craftsmanship is apparent in their fabrics, such as this Twist Flannella, which is a modern, practical and beautiful iteration of what flannel can be. To find out more about their history and sustainable production, visit their website. [ ]

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