How to: Choose the right fit

Learn how to choose the right fit for you custom tailored product.

Fit preference is important

To help us determine your fit preference we have created 3 different fits: Slim Fit, Modern Fit, Classic Fit. They serve as a starting point to create the perfect fit for you.

We always recommend you to consider which fit you prefer, before visiting a Mond store.

The 3 fits explained

Slim Fit

If you prefer a more form-fitting look, the slim fit may be more up your alley. Compared to our modern fit, this style is cut snugger on the body, compromising slightly on comfort.

Modern Fit


This is our recommended fit preference. A versatile cut designed to create a flattering shape for your body. It is Italian inspired, providing just the right amount of room for comfort and movement.

Classic Fit

If you prefer a bit of extra room in your suit, this fit may be perfect for you. The style is reminiscent of the classic British gentlemen’s suit and is focused primarily on the comfort with plenty of room to move around in.

Want something out of the ordinary?

No problem. Basically any kind of fit is possible.


Can I change my fit over time?

Sure. Your fit / measurements are stored in your personal Mond account and can be updated anytime you wish.

Can I have multiple fits?

Yes. You can store as many fits as you want in your Mond account.

How can I update my fit?

You can update your fit when signing in to your Mond account under My fit. You are also welcome to contact us or stop by a Mond shop and let us do the work.

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“I own both suits and shirts from Mond. The customer experience is absolutely outstanding; you are greeted like a familiar friend, and they are all pleasant, patient and exceptionally skilled at what they do. I am never buying off-the-rack again.”

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“Ordered two suits and an overcoat, which all came sooner than expected – and exceeded my expectations in terms of fit and quality. For me, exceeding expectations is the epitome of great customer service!”

Kenneth B.


“The pricing of their shirts is extremely fair compared to that of other prominent shirt brands. The difference is that Mond’s shirts fit and sit better. An absolute pleasure to wear.”

Ulrich H.

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