The Tan Suit – More than just a Wedding Suit

groom in beige linen wedding suit with his bride

You may be of the conviction that the tan suit belongs strictly to the summer. However, it is suitable for more than just one season.

Although it is often considered a seasonal color, the tan suit has a place within your wardrobe throughout the year. The tan suit has appeared on multiple occasions in the James Bond saga and often represents some of the best looks a man can sport. The options with this color are endless. From Roger Moore sporting his tan gabardine suit with a white shirt to Daniel Craig putting a modern twist on it with the ever-so-useful denim shirt, the tan-colored suit offers versatility that you might not get with the classic blues and greys. For instance, cotton and linen are much more fun types of fabric in a color like this.

Now, let’s take a further look at the tan suit.

  • NEW beige / tan suit in twistair fabric

    This tan TwistAir suit has a beautiful sand/beige colour with a slightly cooler hue. This suit is perfect for weddings as it combines some unique qualities, not only aesthetically but also practically. The fabric is wool, making it strong and formal, but the weave makes it light and comfortable - almost linen-like, but without the wrinkles. We've presented the suit in our business preset, our most minimal preset, to allow the beautiful colour and texture of the fabric to take centre stage. And it should be noted that this suit is by no means restricted to weddings, it is first and foremost a warm weather suit and can be styled as business wear as well as for the groom.
    Wool is the gold standard for suit fabrics and this one is special as it is part of Mond's very own TwistAir collection. The fabric is woven with a special high twist that creates a thin and strong fabric with excellent drape. In addition, the TwistAir fabric is treated with a special finish that gives it a soft touch. As well as being beautiful and exclusive, this fabric is also very comfortable. The strong and durable yarn allows for a slightly looser weave that is breathable and even has some natural stretch, despite being made from 100% wool. Weighing in at 300g/m2, it is definitely on the lighter side for a wool fabric.
    Styling this suit for a wedding is an easy affair, though it should be noted that this suit by nature of the relaxed cloth is not the first choice for a very formal wedding. For a wedding combine the suit with the mandatory white shirt, either a contrasting dark or complementing light tie. When it comes to shoes this suit goes wonderfully with all shades of brown, where darker brown shoes make for a more formal outfit. Black shoes are notoriously difficult to pull off with a beige suit, and thus we discourage it. If you’d like to take the formality of the suit up a notch you can always add waistcoat by asking about it in the chat. Since this suit is more on the subtle end you can be generous with accessories without fear of overdoing it. A personal favorite of ours is the boutonnière. A part form that, some cufflinks and a pocket square always make for a good addition.
    Huddersfield is a textile mill from the town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England. The town itself has grown around the textile industries since the Industrial Revolution. What makes Huddersfield unique is their extremely soft water in which the raw wool is washed, before it is woven into luxurious and unique suiting fabrics. To learn more about their production and dedication towards sustainable production please visit their website.

  • custom made natural linen twill suit made by mond

    Introducing our Natural Linen suit. Custom-made to your body measurements, this suit is crafted from 100% linen by the renowned Baird McNutt fabric mill in Ireland, weighing 320g/m. It offers exceptional breathability and comfort, making it perfect for various occasions. Its versatility allows for easy dressing up or down. Explore the full range of suits in our Linen collection .

  • mond dark tan linen suit

    Introducing our Dark Tan Linen suit, a standout piece from our linen collection. Custom-made to your body measurements, this suit is crafted from 100% linen by the renowned Baird McNutt fabric mill in Ireland, weighing 320g/m. It offers exceptional breathability and comfort, making it perfect for various occasions. Its versatility allows for easy dressing up or down. Explore the full range of suits in our Linen collection .

Roger Moore in a Tan suit

Make it Simple

The tan suit will accompany you in most situations and give you compliments along the way. Many might say it’s a summer suit or only suitable for formal events, such as weddings. The fact is that it offers a lot more versatility than this.

The way you style it can heavily affect this perception. Tone it down with a denim shirt, preferably dark blue denim for a higher contrast, or even darker shirts depending on your hair color and how much contrast you have yourself. For a more casual look, you can pair it with loafers or even clean white sneakers.

That being said, the easiest, classiest, and always dependable option should be the plain white shirt. It could also be off-white. This gives you a clean, very pleasing aesthetic look.

This outfit can be worn in most cases, perhaps except for very formal and strict firms with dress codes on this matter. For a business-casual setting, pair the tan suit with a light blue shirt and brown brogues. For a weekend brunch, switch the dress shirt for a polo shirt and add a pair dressy sneakers.

The Stylish Jacket

The tan-coloured sports jacket gives you the perfect amount of attention without being too overpowering or too much of a showstopper. Its versatile colour complements many outfits, making it a must-have in any wardrobe. Depending on your complexion, you can use a shirt or some knitwear to either match your hair colour or create a stronger contrast with the jacket’s colour.

Pair it with a crisp white shirt for a classic, clean look, or opt for a black knit sweater to add depth and dimension to your ensemble. For a more casual appearance, a coloured linen shirt works wonders. The beauty of a tan sports jacket lies in its ability to adapt to both formal and casual settings, ensuring you look put-together no matter the occasion.

How formal is a tan suit?

Split opinions on use

Some people believe that a tan suit is only appropriate for informal summer parties. Others feel its area of use far exceeds that of casual leisure. The topic actually became grounds for criticism against Obama in 2014, when he wore one to a press conference and was subsequently blasted by oppositional media outlets.

They claimed his attire didn’t match the severity of the matter discussed (ISIS and terrorism in Syria). Others thought the criticism was either unfair or blown out of proportion. Whether or not the sartiorial criticism levied against him was fair, two things can be true at the same time;

1. When the colors compliment your pallette, most well-fitting suits will look alright (being Obama can’t hurt either).

2. If you’re unsure of what’s appropriate for any given situation (say job interview or wedding) dressing a little on the darker and formal side is considered the safer bet.

That being said, bright colours like those of beige, taupe and tan trousers are some of the most versatile trousers one can have, so splitting the suit up into separate outfits  is also an option (as seen on the right).

Photograph by Mr Olivier Douliery
DSC08875-Redigera (1)

In Conclusion

The tan suit jacket, often relegated to summer wardrobes, is so because a low-contrast complexion can appear somewhat washed it on its backdrop. This means that fair-skinned blondes should have some level of tan or lively tones going if they want to get the most out of it. This flexibility extends beyond formal events; the tan suit can transition effortlessly from business-casual settings to weekend brunches, depending on the styling.

The 2014 controversy underscores the subjective nature of what constitutes the proper proper time and place for donning a tan suit. Despite some viewing it as informal and bound to the constraints of summer, the tan suit’s potential to blend into diverse contexts and climates demonstrates its underrated versatility. Whether paired with a crisp white shirt for a classic look or dressed down with loafers for a casual outing, the tan suit offers a sophisticated, adaptable option. Its ability to split into separates further enhances its functionality, making it a valuable addition to any wardrobe.

After all, as long as you don’t have a low-contrast palette, the beige and tan colorways can suit you all the way to the doorsteps of winter, both showcasing your proficiency and confidence in style and proving that it is more than just a seasonal piece.

Questions about Mens Tan Suit

Is a tan suit considered formal?

Tan and bright colours are typically considered less formal than their darker counterparts. However, they can still be considered appropriate and formal on the right occations and with the right styling. Especially summer weddings are known as excellent canvasses for the beige, tan and taupe color-palette.

When can I use a tan suit?

A tan suit is highly versatile and can be worn in multiple settings beyond just weddings. It is suitable for summer weddings, beach weddings, and casual or rustic outdoor events. Additionally, it can be worn in business-casual settings and more relaxed social gatherings. The styling can be adapted to fit the formality of the occasion, making it a near year-round wardrobe staple.

What shoes to wear with a tan suit for men?

Brown shoes are the most typical choice to pair with a tan suit, as they complement the earthy tones and add warmth to the outfit. For a more casual look, loafers or clean white sneakers can be appropriate. The shoes are generally darker than the suit, to maintain a balanced look, but as with most rules, exceptions exist.

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