The Groom’s Guide To Wedding Photographs

Guide for looking your best on your wedding pictures

How to look your absolute best in your wedding photos

Here are a few tips to make sure your wedding photos will turn out perfect!

wedding cake cutting

Have a snack

You were most likely nervous all morning and couldn’t eat.
Most likely, your spouse felt the same. Now, you are having your pictures taken and you are about to realise how much effort actually goes into nailing those perfect wedding photos that will last you a lifetime.

This is not something you should be doing when you’re hungry!
Pack a small snack-bag (with something that is easy to eat without ruining your outfits or make-up). Ask your best man, your parent or someone else to bring it to you before you leave for the wedding photo session, so you can have it before getting in front of the camera. Remember to bring water too (you will have plenty of time to sip champagne and drink alcohol later!)

Getting your outfit ready

Custom made cream herringbone wedding suit

Trousers up
Pull your trousers up to your natural waist and make sure your shirt is tucked in neatly without wrinkles or creases on the front. Double-check your zipper is closed.

Straighten sleeves
Get your sleeves in order by tucking first in the cuffs on your shirt to straighten the sleeves, then on the sleeves of your jacket. Rule of thumb is that you should be able to see 1 – 1.5 cm of your shirt’s cuffs under the jacket sleeve. This rule still applies even if you have invested in the most beautiful cufflinks you want to show off. If you want photos that show your cufflinks (if, for example they have you and your spouse’s initials on them), make sure to get a photo where your arms are bend in a 90 degree angle, as the cufflinks will naturally show then.
Socks up
Pull your socks up to ensure there is no visible skin between the top of your socks and your trousers’ hem.
Dust it off
Tie your shoe laces and dust your shoes off.

Tight & Snug
Straighten and tighten your tie or bowtie. It should sit so close that only the knot is visible in the collar and ensure the collar is snugly closed.

These buttons need to be closed (when standing up):
  • Single-breasted jacket w. 2 buttons: top-button is closed
  • Double-breasted jacket w. 2 buttons: all buttons closed
  • Double-breasted jacket w. 2 x 4/6 buttons: all buttons closed except the bottom button
  • Tuxedo & single-breasted jacket w. 1 button: button closed
  • White tie: there are no buttons. Ensure jacket sits properly across your chest and midsection
  • Waistcoat: follow above rules (always leave the last button open)
Un-button your jacket (never the waistcoat) when seated in the photos – this is more comfortable, will look more natural and result in less creases
Forget all about the photographer, have fun and focus on your new spouse
(your smiles will be the most natural this way).

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There is nothing better than seeing all of you looking so happy on your wedding day!

Getting the buttons game right

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