Gifting Menswear

Gifting in the realm of Menswear

Nothing is more personal than a tailored gift

Personal or personalized?

Gifting clothes is a controversial subject, and rightly so. The obvious problem is that you cannot guarantee that the size or style will fit the recipient. However, when done right, menswear can be the coolest, most useful and even personal gift you can receive. So how do you do it right? Our answer is to give something either personal or personalized.

By personal we mean an accessory; the details that make up an outfit. A house isn’t a home until it’s furnished, and an outfit isn’t complete until the accessories are in place. When you gift an accessory, you’re not imposing your style on someone, you’re giving them a detail to add to their look.

If you want to give someone more than simply an accessory, give them the opportunity to design their dream garment. With one of our gift vouchers, you can give the experience of wearing a unique and made-to-measure garment – and there is no better feeling than wearing a suit or shirt that has been made just for you.

Please note that a Mond Gift Card is not just for formal wear, the recipient is also free to choose outerwear or casual styles – always made to measure.


Cufflinks are an interesting detail in that their effect is almost inversely proportional to their size. More specifically, the effect of cufflinks is often to symbolise that the suit is now being worn for a festive occasion. Cufflinks are just as suitable for the person who wears a suit to work every day as they are for those who wear them on special occasions. For those who wear a suit every day, wearing cufflinks reminds them that they’re wearing a suit for a special occasion. For those who don’t normally wear suits, it makes the suit experience even cooler and gives them more confidence in their outfit.


Ties can come in a wide variety of styles, so it is important to think about the recipient and what kind of tie will bring them the most joy. For those who wear ties to work but are more at the beginning of their career, a good, solid business tie is an excellent gift. Wearing a good quality tie makes the wearer feel more confident and well put together. For those who already have a good collection of business attire and ties, a more festive and personal tie would probably make a better gift. Ties with small geometric patterns – Macclesfield ties – are appropriate for business, while single-colour ties are suitable for both work and leisure.

Belts & Braces

A good belt is one of those things you can’t have too many of. Furthermore, it should match the shoes for a well put together outfit. A quality leather belt that matches your shoes will enhance the look of your entire outfit. Braces are becoming increasingly popular and look great when dressed for a party or event. They’re also a much-appreciated accessory for those who like to delve into menswear and dress more formally in general.

Tailored Garments

A good suit is a piece of craftsmanship that should be made to the measurements and preferences of the wearer. At Mond, this also applies to shirts and outerwear. Giving a suit off the rack is not advisable. However, with the Mond Gift Card, you can give someone the most special gift – made-to-measure clothing. In fact, you are giving a garment and two experiences: being welcomed, measured and advised by our clothiers, and the feeling of wearing a garment that has been made specifically for your body. And the wearer is free to create the garment of their dreams.

Giving a Mond Gift Card gives the recipient the freedom to decide what garment is the most appealing to them.