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  • custom made khaki linen suit by mond

    This Khaki Twill Linen Suit is very classical take on a suit in tropical fashion. The light color does a wonderful job at showcasing the airy cloth, and thus the suit is one of the most leisurely designs we provide. The style we've presented here is casual, emphasising the less formal characteristics of the linen, but you could also contrast the informal color and make the suit with roped shoulders.

    Linen is a fabric for the summer, it will wrinkle beautifully as plant fibres should. The fabric weighs 320 g/m2 which is light enough to allow air to circulate without being so thin that it becomes see-through. The Twill weave gives the fabric, and the suit, a firmer and more lavish structure than what is typical for suits made from Linen.

    It is the perfect suit for being outside in the sun this summer, and can be styled in a variety of ways. Especially because the suit in itself is so informal it lends itself beautifully to be styled up a bit, where it with a crisp white shirt and a selection of your favorite accessories like a subtly patterned midnight blue tie, black sunglasses and maybe even a black pocket square if your feeling bold. Otherwise you can double down on the informality of the garment and combine it with a t-shirt and boating shoe like Sebago’s. Like most rather informal suits this khaki linen suit lends itself to be worn as separats.

    The fabric comes from the Baird McNutt mill in Ireland. It is a family business that thrives in the harsh Irish weather and specialises in the production of linen fabrics. The fabrics are woven using traditional methods, and have a low environmental impact, due to sustainable farming practices. To learn more about the mill please visit their website. [ ]

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