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carlos domord at pitti uomo 104 in a taupe beige striped suit and a linen camp collar shirt by mond of copenhagen

Stealing the spotlight today is this striped summer suit, elegantly worn by none other than Carlos Domord. Evidently, this suit embodies the epitome of summer sophistication. This is displayed through its soft beige/taupe color, soft brown stripes and matching brown horn buttons. Moreover, the double-breasted jacket and wide lapels add a touch of effortless elegance. Altogether, this makes the attire a standout choice for any summer occasion.

It is a special suit we made for the creative director and renowned menswear enthusiast, Carlos Domord. He requested a light, breathable fabric to withstand the Florentine heat, envisioning a light color with stripes.

carlos domord at pitti uomo wearing taupe beige striped suit by mond of copenhagen


The fabric we chose is part of Loro Piana’s limited edition Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Proposte Abiti. As you can see, it is a beautiful light beige/taupe with brown chalk stripes, crafted from the finest blend of 71% wool, 15% silk, and 14% linen.

The formality of a striped suit can be adjusted based on the width and color of the stripes. In this case the wider stripes, the color and the fabric composition makes for a less formal look.

Since this fabric is from a limited edition collection, it is not available as a product on our website. But if you wish to design a suit in this fabric or similar, you can do so in our stores. Considering we have more than 11 000 fabrics available, you can expect finding something very similar.

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Carlos styled the suit with cream-colored belt and loafers, pairing them with a crisp white linen shirt with a distinctive camp collar. Similarly, when designing a shirt on our website, you can select your fabric of choice, proceed to design and select the camp collar in the features.

Camp collar also known as a Cuban collar or revere collar, is a style of shirt that features an open, flat collar with a notched lapel-like design. As a result, this type of collar is usually found on casual or resort-style shirts and is distinct from traditional dress shirt collars. It has a vintage charm to it, reminiscent of classic resort wear from the mid-20th century. But, it has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years as retro and vintage fashion trends have become more prevalent. This makes it a popular choice for tropical vacations, beach outings, and resort settings. The collar exudes a laid-back, vacation-ready aesthetic, so it matches perfectly with a summer suit such as the one that Carlos wore.

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