Custom tailoring

Custom Tailoring

Explore our selection of garments expertly crafted to your unique body measurements and your individual style preferences.


Here you will find our curated assortment of tailored suits, crafted to your precise body measurements. Keep in mind that our website showcases merely a fraction of оur fabric range; visit our stores to explore our entire collection of over 11,000 fabrics.


Experience our selection of custom made shirts available to order online. From the everyday business shirt, to the special occasion or casual. To discover our entire collection of shirting fabrics, visit our stores.

Evening wear

Step into a world of elegance with our selection of custom-made evening wear, ensuring you make a lasting impression at any special occasion. This is only a small sample of the fabrics we have available. If you have something special in mind, visit our stores to explore our entire selection.


Discover our selection of custom made jackets, available to design and order online. Visit our stores to explore our entire collection of jacketing fabrics.


Explore our range of custom-made trousers, ready for you to design and order online. For an even wider selection of fabrics, we invite you to visit our stores and explore our complete collection.


Overcoats made with custom tailoring, in a curated selection of fabrics and colors. Discover our entire collection of swatches in our stores.


Embrace effortless style and comfort with our custom-tailored overshirts. Our complete collection of fabric swatches is available in our stores.


If you wish to visit one of our stores, you can see an overview of our locations here: