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We offer high-quality suspenders in collaboration with their original inventor: Albert Thurston. Get them in a range of colours, like burgundy, moss green, deep navy blue or black.

Suspenders, or braces as they’re also known, are more than just a tool for keeping trousers up; they’ve evolved into a stylish fashion statement. Originating in the 18th century as ribbon strips attached to trousers, suspenders have undergone various transformations. The introduction of elastic in the 1820s significantly improved their comfort and flexibility.

Now available in a range of styles and materials, suspenders have become a key element in both formal and casual wear. The classic Y-back offers a traditional touch, while the X-back is popular in contemporary fashion. You’ll find them in elegant silk for formal events and in playful, durable materials for everyday wear.

Suspenders offer a charming, retro vibe and an alternative to the common belt, allowing for personal expression in fashion. They’re particularly handy for formal attire, adding a refined touch to suits and tuxedos with their single-colored, luxurious materials. But it’s not just about style – suspenders provide practical benefits too. They distribute weight evenly across the shoulders, reducing waist pressure and improving posture, especially beneficial for those wearing heavy trousers.

When wearing suspenders, it’s important to ensure they complement your outfit in both color and style. While traditional suspenders button onto trousers, clip-on varieties provide convenience. Remember, it’s a fashion faux pas to wear both a belt and suspenders simultaneously.