How it works

Learn how our concept works – both in stores and online.

The two ways of shopping

At Mond we both ofter in-store and online shopping. If you are located nearby one of our stores you can schedule a free appointment with one of our skilled staff members.

If you are not able to visit one of our shops, don’t worry. With SmartFit™ we also made it possible for you to buy your custom tailored clothes without ever having to visit a Mond shop.

In-store shopping

If you are located nearby one of our stores, you can schedule a free appointment with one of our skilled staff members.

1 – Schedule your appointment
Choose your closest shop.

2 – Measuring & design session in store
Revolutionary 3D bodyscan & design (30-60 min).

3 – Production & delivery
6 weeks delivery guaranteed.

4 – Schedule pick-up
Try your new clothes on – alterations included.

5 – Convenient re-order
Easy re-order online with stored measurements

Dream it. Design it.

We offer more than 11.000 different fabrics and almost endless possibilities of customization when designing your clothes. Classic, casual, formal, special – everything is possible.

Online shopping

In 2023 we introduced SmartFit™ which through an advanced algorithm – based on more than 15.000 bodyscans – can predict your measurements. This means you can buy our custom clothing without ever visiting a Mond shop.

1 – Create your Mond account
This will only you take 1 min.

2 – Create your SmartFit™
Answer a couple of simple questions.

3 – Choose a custom product
Go to Menu → Shop and locate a custom product.

4 – Custom product designer
Use a Mond recommended preset or make your own.

5 – Place order
Delivered to your address within 6 weeks

Handmade in Portugal

All our clothes are carefully sewn in a Family Owned Business with more 60 years of experience, located in the beautiful mountain landscape.

Overproduction Zero waste

Made-to-measure means eliminating the vast amount of waste that typically results from overstocking odd sizes and colours in ready-to-wear fashion.

3D bodyscanning

Revolutionary technology

With our 3D bodyscanner, we are able to map your body shape and extract over 400 different measurements in less than 30 seconds with a precision that even not the most experienced tailor can imitate.

The use of 3D body scanning technology has revolutionized the way custom suits are made, offering a superior level of fit and accuracy.

Learn more about 3D body scanning

mond of copenhagen 3d body scan