Our Hamburg store will be closed from monday 5/12 to thursday 8/12 for internal training. Online orders will be shipped on the 9th.

Order your tailoring for Autumn and Winter today, and have it delivered within 6 weeks. All custom for you.

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3D scanner technology

Innovative 3D technology

30 seconds / 400 measurements

3D avatar

3D Bodyscanning

At Mond of Copenhagen, we offer to make tailored suits and shirts based on revolutionary 3D body scanning technology, as some of the only one in the business.

With the 3D scanner, we are able to map the customer’s body shape and extract over 400 different measurements with precision that even the most experienced tailor can not imitate. It only takes about 30 seconds to complete a full body scan.

Measurements for suit

The result is the perfect fit

The result is a complete representation of the customer’s body measurements and posture. We are able to share this representation with our pattern makers, so they can construct a unique pattern that takes all of this information into account.

The result of the entire process is a custom tailored suit of the highest quality, both in terms of materials and fit. We call it “The Tailoring Revolution.”